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Texas Property Tax Assistance Network

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Many Texas properties are over-assessed, and property taxes are overpaid. What can be done? How can we help? Texas is quite unique in allowing property owners to protest assessments that are above market value or valued unfairly when compared with similar type properties. Appraisal districts must defend their assessments of all properties in their jurisdiction. 


The Texas Property Tax Assistance Network (TexPTAN) provides useful information and insight on how assessments are determined; helpful links for forms and agencies; tips, techniques, and strategies for preparing a credible protest; and lists of qualified and authorized tax professionals in your area that can help with a tax question or problem. Most successful property tax protests use local agents and local market information to provide a clear and knowledgeable presentation to the ARB or arbitration hearing, and these helpful agents are just a click away!


TexPTAN listed professionals have access to sales and assessment data and can advise and assist homeowners across Texas. Browse educational materials and self-help instruction that shows how to recognize and analyze a property tax problem, what steps to take to gather necessary information, how to prepare and present a property tax protest, and what to expect at a hearing before the appraisal review board or through binding arbitration. The site also provides some things to consider when looking for an agent to help with a property tax problem. Many agents offer low cost contingency solutions, so there's often no direct charge for representation.... and YOUR tax savings can continue for years! 


The TexPTAN website also provides links to county appraisal districts and state agencies, agency forms for exemptions, filing a protest, representation at hearings, and general information helpful to property owners and property tax professionals.


If you own property in Texas, you can benefit from the Texas Property Tax Assistance Network.



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Becoming a listed Tax Agent with TexPTAN is easy. Whether you are a new real estate agent or appraiser wanting to expand your contacts and clients, or an experienced CPA or a property tax consultant, TexPTAN has helpful resources and tools to assist. Agents have access to detailed toolboxes, templates, methods, tips, and strategies for analyzing a tax situation, then preparing and presenting a successful protest. 

About TexPTAN

TexPTAN is here to help keep your Texas property taxes under control. The website provides lists and links to property tax professionals, along with self-help tips, FAQ's and member feedback, helpful links, forms, and educational materials, with useful techniques and strategies to provide the tools you need to keep your property taxes fair and equitable. Click to view our website terms of use and privacy policy.

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